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All jet turbine engines whether air, land or sea based have to be regularly inspected both in-suit (on wing, below deck) and in a jet engine shop non destructively. This is most frequently achieved optically by using a borescope/videoimagescope or fibrescope. A typical engine can have as many as a thousand blades, each has to be inspected for cracks, foreign object damage (FOD) and corrosion. To rotate the engine manually requires a combination of high force (150 foot pounds) to overcome stiction and high precision (motions of less than 3 degrees). In the past one person endeavoured to achieve this by hand cranking with a wrench whilst another person peered through a borescope attempting to check each and every blade as they whizzed past. Early attempts at automating this process used air motors; these were very powerful but extremely noisy and difficult to control especially to index in 3 degree steps. However, all this has changed with the introduction by Cortex of the quiet powerful stepper motor engine rotator.

Electronic Turbine Engine Turning Tool  


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