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A number of Windows Help Files, Manual's & Software associated with products are available for download.


Help Files Manuals   Software
Motion Imaging Motion Imaging Motion Imaging
Swift 200 help file (55KB) Cable Measuring System  (20KB) S116 - Swift 200 Motor Controller S131 - TM105 Video Template Generator (131KB) S117 - Swift 200 Emulator Terminal (3.0MB) S495 - Fibre Diameter Measurement Software (3.0MB)
Swift 200 HTML Complied help file (131KB)  IQ200 help file (6KB) S125 - Swift 100 Motor Controller (210KB) S138 - IQ115 Image Quantifier (170KB) S305 - 3 Axis Stage Controller (347K)  
  IQ215 help file (10KB) S603 - 2 Axis Stage Controller (205KB) S211 - TM105 Video Template Generator (133KB) S374 - 4 Axis Stage Controller (496KB)  
    S649 - Cranfield University Stepper Control System (149KB) S238 - TM105-A Video Template Generator (138KB)    
    S657 - 3 Axis Stage Controller (316KB) S270 - IQ150 Image Quantifier (268KB)    
      S288 - MV120Z Zoom Encoder (129KB)    
      S349 - IQ115 Image Quantifier (176KB)    
      S357 - IQ150 Image Quantifier (400KB)    
      S367- Chop Tester (248KB)    
      S383 - IQ105 Video Template Generator (173KB)    
      S486 - Angle Video Caliper (151KB)    
      S523 - IQ115 Image Quantifier Glass Bubble Option (200KB)    
      S535 - Egrat Camera & line Generator (92KB)    
      S601 - Template Generator (206KB)    
      S601-II - Video Template Generator (301KB)    
      S658 - Egrat Camera & line Generator (94KB)    

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