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The Swift 500 is a 5 Phase 1.5A stepper drive card

The drive card can be driven in full and half-step mode by external clock and direction signals to its onboard opto-isolators. It can also be controlled using the onboard VCO. If the onboard VCO is used this can be controlled directly by a 0->5V signal, and HCT logic compatible signals for direction and on/off. It is also possible to use two external potentiometers to set the maximum motor speed and the acceleration/deceleration rate. If necessary, one can have different accelerations and decelerations.

  • 5 Phase Motor Drivecard for non-starred motors (i.e. 10 connections)

  • Half Step (1000 steps/rev) and Full Step (500 steps/rev) modes

  • Lower power replacement for SIG Positec D450. 1.5A maximum phase current.

  • Can be driven by external clock and direction signals or by on-board oscillator

  • Enable and Gate inputs

  • Uses single 24V supply.



Supply voltage 24V DC
Size 72mm wide, 152 long and 33mm high

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