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3.5A Bipolar Stepper Motor Drive Card

The Cortex S344 is a standard single Eurocard with 32-way DIN 41612 plug connector to suit Eurocard compatible racking systems.

The board employs the well established bipolar chopped constant current principle to provide a substantial increase in the torque capability of the stepper motor. This at the same time increases the efficiency of the system by eliminating the power dissipating dropper resistors required in the unipolar drive mode.

  • Drives motors up to 36 V and 3.5 A / Phase.

  • On board output drive current setting (0.7 to 3.5 A).

  • Output overload protection.

  • Synchronisation output for multi-axis systems.

  • Full and half step drive modes.

  • Provision for assembling on oscillator (order code S423) if external clock not available) having clock pulse output, base speed. top speed and stop/run control inputs.

  • TTL and C-MOS compatible control interface.

  • Output disable input to allow manual motor rotation.

  • 5 and 12 V d.c. auxiliary outputs for external device energisation.

  • Additional opto coupled inputs.


Supply voltage


Motor 15 - 36 V d.c.
Logic 15 - 24 V d.c.




Motor and logics may share the same supply


Auxiliary outputs 12 V, 50 m
(regulated) 5 V 50 mA d.c.
Motor drive 0.7 - 3.5 A, set on board via DIL
Control inputs C-MOS or open collector TTL compatible.
logic 0 0 - 2 V d.c.
logic 1 9 - 30 V d.c.
Monitor outputs open collector transistors
logic 0 1 V, 30 mA max.
logic 1 24 V d.c. max.
Clock input 20 kHz max. 10s min. pulse width.
Operating temperature 0C to +40C
Weight 700 g

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