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The Swift 200 is a 2 Axes Stepper Motor Controller.

 Download  Windows Helpfile (390K)

  • The Swift 200 is supplied on a standard Eurocard (160mm x 100mm) with a 64way DIN41612 connector suitable for an existing racking system.

  • The Swift 200 allows monitoring of drive conditions (moving or not) and can detect limit switches connected to the board.

  • The board controls one or two stepper motors via stepper motor drive boards.

  • Moreover, it is programmed over an RS232 serial link from a PC.

  • The simple programming language is a derivative of C, examples programs are shown in the manual.

  • The Swift 200 can also control an LCD display. See Swift LCD

  • Communication with additional Swift 200 boards is easily achieved by daisy-chaining; this allows control of many stepper motor drive boards.

  • Both axes can be moved individually or simultaneously allowing linear and circular interpolation.

  • The axes can also be moved manually by hand encoders.

  • The Swift 200 has 8 independent opto-isolated inputs and 8 independent opto-isolated outputs for controlling external equipment.

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