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Mechanical Drive Units


Cortex Controllers manufacture a wide range of up to 64 Axes Stage Controllers as well as Mechanical Drive Units.

Multi-Axis programmable controller

Systems of up to 64 axes are available for any application, controlled from a PC via integrated RS485 serial communication.

Microscope stage controller (Product code S305)

The Cortex 3 AXIS stage controller is controlled by either the front panel joysticks or via RS232 serial communications from a PC. Supplied with the unit is a control program for IBM compatible computers.

s305.gif (24968 bytes)

The operator moves the stage (with joystick or scroll bars) and stores the Target position leaving a marker to indicate its position. The Targets may be scanned at any time (a wait period may be specified). Any Target may be deleted and new targets inserted at any point. The on-screen display shows the X and Y axes in real time during a scan.

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