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The IQ115 is a stand-alone instrument, ideal for measuring objects using any video image (e.g. a camera).

  • It is ideal in quality control and science - especially if linked to a video printer.

  • The IQ115 can also annotate over the CCTV screen, you don't need separate measuring and titling units.

  • PAL composite or S-VHS video input and output.

  • An NTSC version is available. Product code S274.

  • A version of the IQ115 with RS232 is available. Product code S397.

There are two operating modes:

Measurement mode

Two cross-wires are moved around the displayed object with a mouse or keyboard.
The on-screen readout shows XY measurement.
Also, point-to-point measurements are displayed with the angle to the horizontal.
Moreover, up to 8 objective lenses can be calibrated (stored in Eeprom) and selected.
The overlay can also be cleared from the screen.

Text overlay mode

The IQ115 can also be used as a video titler.
Up to 504 characters in upper and lower case can be displayed (in 18 rows of 28 characters).
Also, 8 directional arrows give you the capability of pin-pointing on-screen objects.
Fonts are white with a black outline.


IQ115 screen shot (22K)

A screen shot of the IQ115 making a measurement.

The display shows the objective chosen (top right), some annotation (capacitor) and the measurements from the image.

The measurements show the X and Y position, the diagonal distance and the angle between the overlaid cursors



Power 86V to 260V via 3 pin IEC plug.
Video 1V pp PAL colour or monochrome (NTSC optional); Composite and SVHS video input and output.
Cursor 500 X 500 digital positions; Front panel control from black to white
Mouse Amiga 9pin D
Physical Weight 1500gm; Size 210mm (W) X 190mm (D) X 80mm (H)

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